I offer the following services to fellow therapists and professional counselors of all disciplines:

Individual Supervision (60 – 90 minutes)

Case Consultation (60 – 90 minutes)

Group Supervision (90 minutes)

Clinical Training 

LMSW and LCSW Licensing Preparations and Tutoring


I charge $150 per hour of individual clinical supervision and case consultation, prorated as needed for longer sessions. Clinical supervision can occur in my office or remotely, and may be counted towards your professional licensure depending on your state and profession’s regulations. I’ve provided qualifying supervision for LMSWs, LMFTs, LPCs and LMHCs from New York and New Jersey that have been accepted toward licensure.

I was long supported by dedicated supervisors who reduced my fees earlier in my career to make high quality supervision accessible. If you’re just starting out, or struggling to get your own practice or career off the ground, let me know when you reach out. I particularly enjoy supporting newer clinicians in locating their unique, personal therapeutic “voice” and perspective, focused on countertransference and grounded in a collaborative, affirmative spirit.

Group supervision rates vary based on the size of the group and the frequency of meetings. Group supervision in your office or agency is available, including facilitation of case conferences with your clinical staff or a group of peers you organize.

Clinical training rates vary based on the number of participants, setting, degree of customization and objectives. Previous training topics include: Integrating Skills Based Approaches within a Dynamic Framework,¬† “Window of Tolerance” : Our Window To Attunement and Intervention with dysregulated patients, Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect in NYS.


A surprising number of social workers fail their licensing tests.

In my experience, as one of the earliest generation of LCSWs who went through the full licensing process in New York state as it exists today, this isn’t generally due to incompetence, but improper preparations and a lack of clarity around the objectives of these tests. I can help you get your confidence up, which lets be real, is half the battle, and have a plan of attack that helps you study smarter and not necessarily harder.

What you’ll receive: A detailed test overview, individual support from me, study strategies, test taking techniques and approaches, customized recommendations for content study and practice questions.